Skeletal System


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You're looking at one of the most popular anatomy posters of all time. Are you one of the few medical physicians or chiropractors that does not have this treasure hanging in your examination room? This standard size 20" x 26" poster features classic illustrations by Peter Bachin. It shows anterior, lateral and posterior views of the human skeletal system. It also illustrates portion of long bone, auditory ossicles, ligaments of the right hand (dorsal and palmar views), ligaments of the right foot (dorsal and plantar view) and the right knee joint (anterior and posterior views).Custom logo imprint available with lamination.

SKU Laminate (MSRP $22): 9781587790621 Paper ($13): 9781587790638

Long-lasting UV laminated posters are more vibrant and sanitary than unprotected paper.


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