Diseases of Digestive System


ISBN: 978-1-5877-9237-3   WK 2006  
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This 20" x 26" examination-room anatomy poster depicts 31 digestive system pathologies including adenocarcinoma of stomach & pancreas, appendicitis, cancers of the colon, cancers of the esophagus, cirrhosis, colonic polyps, diverticulitis of the colon, esophageal varices, squamous carcinoma of the esophagus (throat cancer), fatty liver, gallstones, gastric & duodenal ulcers, gastritis, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, hernia, inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatitis. For proctology patients, the chart illustrates internal organs of the GI tract, including including stomach, duodenum, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, appendix, colon, rectum and anus. Available in English or Spanish.

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Long-lasting UV laminated posters are more vibrant and sanitary than unprotected paper.

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