Sickless Future Audio

This science fiction story features protagonists, with major health issues, who confront global technology corruption in a world where citizens don’t actually own private possessions.

Episode 1 – Healthcare Debate

During the year 2067, technology overtakes essential services to bend reality in this sci-fi novella miniseries.

Episode 2 – Standing Still

Dennis leaves for some weekend recreation with a workmate but his problems appear to multiply.

Episode 3 – Evasion

Dennis has the task of confirming Abigail’s suspicions. To gather more information, he needs to get from beneath his boss’s oversight.

Episode 4 – Brainstorming

Without great options after returning home early from a doctor’s visit, Dennis contemplates life on the run while access to technology remains.

Episode 5 – AWOL

With Dennis and Abigail in the wind, their boss tries to piece together omissions in their data and track them down.

Episode 6 – Cut Loose

Before cutting loose entirely, Dennis and Abigail explore ways to stay off the grid. Do they blend in with crowds or remain on backstreets?

Episode 7 – Broadcast

Dennis makes a risky move for assistance while trying to evade authorities. Meanwhile, Abigail has a moment of clarity regarding their plight.

Episode 8 – Stealth

All alone, without resources, Dennis tries his best to survive with no advanced technology, despite declining physical and mental health.

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