Understanding Prostate Cancer (2E) Chart 20x26


Order standard DeuPair Frames for posters
Order standard DeuPair Frames for posters

This 20" x 26" (51 x 66 cm) medical poster describes the role of the prostate and defines prostate cancer, risk factors, symptoms and treatment options. This edition of Understanding Prostate Cancer has been completely updated with new staging information. It illustrates the prostate in context of the surrounding anatomy and shows the zones of the prostate.


Diagnostic and screening tests are detailed with an image of a digital rectal exam (DRE). Illustrated and described are stages I - IV of prostate cancer. Also provided is an explanation of the most commonly used staging system, the Tumor-Nodes-Metastasis (TNM) system. It shows and describes the Gleason pathologic scoring system, which grades the aggressiveness of the malignant disease. ©2013

  • Includes cancer staging
  • September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
  • Recommend hygienic satin UV lamination
  • Frames or grommets sold separately

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