Women's Maternity Kangaroo Baby Carrier Hoodie Jacket


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Your baby will stay in sight as you both keep warm through constant contact with this fleece maternity kangaroo hooded sweatshirt made of cotton and acrylic fibers. Wear it just like a normal coat for when you front carry your child.

Turn the coat around like a smock to carry baby on your back. When you’re alone, a long pull cord assists you to zip up the coat. When you remove inserts, the jacket looks like a normal polar fleece.

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  • Cotton and Acrylic Blended Fabric
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Available in 5 Sizes
Size Bust Waist Hips
S 33.5-34.7" (85‑88cm) 25.6-26.4" (65‑67cm) 35.8-37" (91‑94cm)
M 35.4-36.1" (90‑93cm) 25.6-28.4" (70‑72cm) 38.2-39" (97‑99cm)
L 39-39.4" (97‑100cm) 30-31.5" (76‑80cm) 40.6-41.7" (103-107cm)
XL 41-42.9" (104‑109cm) 33-34.7" (84‑88cm) 43.3-45.7" (110‑116cm)
2X 43.3-45.7" (110‑116cm) 35.8-37.4" (91‑95cm) 45.7-48.4" (116‑123cm)
Allow 1-2 cm variance.