Anatomy and Injuries of the Foot and Ankle (d) 20x26


Select your DeuPair Frames for posters
Select your DeuPair Frames for posters

AS-IS: Enjoy this 20" x 26" (51 x 66 cm) examination-room anatomy poster that shows medial and lateral view of the bones and ligaments of feet and ankles. It illustrates nerve and blood supply to this region, including plantar view of arteries and nerves. Common fractures, sprains, dorsiflexed ankle, and anterior impingement syndrome are depicted.


Anatomy and Injuries of the Foot and Ankledescribes and shows locations of forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot injuries such as bunions, Morton’s neuroma, bunionette, hammertoe, Jones’ fracture, Chopart avulsion fracture, Lisfranc dislocation, metatarsal stress fracture, Achilles’ tendon rupture, tarsal tunnel syndrome, calcaneal fracture and plantar fasciitis with heel spurs. Angle movements of inversion, eversion, dorsiflexion and plantar flexion are illustrated. ©2004

  • April is Foot Health Awareness Month
  • Recommend hygienic satin UV lamination
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