FORNORM S2 Wireless Bluetooth Smart Tag Tracker


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How much does it cost to replace your keys, your smartphone or other valuables you carry with you? Stop wasting time hunting for important items when it’s time to walk out the door.


The FORNORM Tracker uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to pair with your smartphone. The two devices then become digitally inseparable, so to speak. An alert is heard when they are out of range of each other. An app displays the last known location on a map. Works as remote selfie button with Android devices.

  • Free Standard Shipping Worldwide
  • Multi-functional S2 Bluetooth Finder
  • User-Replacable Battery
  • iOS 8.0+ and Android 5.0+
  • 2400-2483MHz Frequency
  • Range Within 115 feet (35 meters)
  • 1-Year Standby Time
  • 45-Day Active Transmission
  • Free Global 2–3 Week Delivery Available