Fitness Spandex Compression Arm Sleeves


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When cycling, minimal resistance improves speed. During contact sports like basketball, skin on your arms is subject to friction and scratches from other players. These cotton and nylon sleeves are designed to protect your skin from scratches and outdoor UV rays.

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  • Sweat-Wicking Spandex Nylon
  • Length 15.5–16.9 inches (39–43 cm)
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Available in 3 Sizes
Size Upper Cuff Circumference Lower Cuff Circumference Length
M 9.4" (24cm) 6.3" (14cm) 15.4" (39cm)
L 10.2" (26cm) 5.9" (15cm) 15.7" (40cm)
XL 11.2" (28.5cm) 6.3" (16cm) 16.9" (43cm)