Beauchene 22-Part Didactic Colored Adult Human Skull


This 8.3 x 5.5 x 6.3 inch Beauchene human skull model consists of many individual bones that gradually grow together dusing development. The best-selling 3B Scientific® Beauchene Adult Human Skull is a natural cast of a human skull that makes the complex anatomical structure of the skull easy to understand. It can be disassembled into its 22 individual bones with a clever internal pin system that does not affect the natural suture anatomy.


In this didactic model, all the bones and pairs are colored to make identification easier like a 3D puzzle.

The skull consists of the following individual bones:

  • Parietal bone (left and right)
  • Occipital bone
  • Frontal bone
  • Temporal bone (left and right)
  • Sphenoid bone
  • Ethmoid bone
  • Vomer bone
  • Zygomatic bone (left and right)
  • Upper jaw (maxilla) with teeth (left and right)
  • Palatine bone (left and right)
  • Nasal concha (left and right)
  • Lacrimal bone (left and right)
  • Nasal bone (left and right)
  • Lower jaw (mandible) with teeth