Affiliate Marketing


Use your social media influence to earn monthly commissions as an actively converting affiliate. Less active affiliates receive commissions upon reaching an established threshold. Login required to establish affiliate account.

  • 530 Link Referral – 30-day 5%
  • 360 Link Referral – 60-day 3%
  • 610 Link Referral – 10-day 6%

PayPal account required to receive commissions. For more information, visit the ClinicalPosters Affiliate Program page.


When anyone visits the ClinicalPosters website and purchases products within a designated time frame, you receive a commission via PayPal. A long enduring link provides lower commission. A short enduring link offers the highest commission. The default 530 Link Referral plan is right in the middle. You may submit a request to switch to an alternate plan that matches your marketing efforts.