Preparing Clinical Posters:
Present Your Poster

Congratulations, you're now one of hundreds vying for attention at a major conference.

With the poster safely tucked away in a shipping tube, you've reached an important milestone. Yet, the poster must still be hung and interest needs to be generated at the conference.

Often times there is room for the author to stand nearby. You do not necessarily need to be the greatest orator. Offering a warm greeting with a friendly smile can encourage attendees to take notice. You might even prepare a short catch phrase or question to invite deeper investigation. Avoid wearing dark glasses, smoking, chewing gum or tobacco. Formal presentations may require a projected slide presentation – which may actually be from Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or Adobe Acrobat.

What will you wear? Ideally, something that compliments, if not matches, the poster colors. Wearing a tie with antique automobiles because restoring them is a personal hobby will surely distract from a dermatological poster presentation. Dress comfortably but not more casual than other attendees.

Though name badges are typically provided to exhibitors, consider preparing one that matches your poster if organizers allow it. The custom badge should have your name prominently displayed (in addition to the poster title and poster number if possible). Use the same fonts and poster colors so it will easy for people to associate author and poster. You may also submit your clinical poster for publication on A Bit More Healthy blog using this form.

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