Preparing Clinical Posters:
Arrange Sections Clearly

Deviate from established clinical poster format and your audience is lost.

Based on varying levels of interest, the audience determines how much time is spent reading. Most people only briefly consider the abstract or introduction and conclusions. Others, with a deep interest in the subject, may examine the poster in its entirety. Hence, sections should be clearly organized so viewers with specific habits can locate the information they seek. Immediately below the title is a section for author(s) with educational degrees and institutional affiliations. Beneath this, with some variation, labeled sections are generally ordered in the following manner:

  1. Abstract (or Introduction)
  2. Materials & Methods (optional)
  3. Results (and discussion)
  4. Conclusion(s)
  5. References (if appropriate)

Find out in advance if a poster number must be displayed so it can be printed on the poster rather than drawn on with a marker as an afterthought (unless it will be presented at several different conferences). provides graphic design and printing services.

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