Preparing Clinical Posters:
Quickly Engage Audience

The effectiveness of a clinical poster may be measured with a stopwatch.

A viewer should recognize the subject and personal benefit within 20 seconds of seeing the poster. This doesn't mean the entire poster is to be read in such a short time. Rather, the title, main visuals and introductory statement should immediately convey value.

As the clinical minutiae increases, fonts and images correspondingly lose their impact. The audience is often moving down many rows of posters in a effort to grasp salient points. Avoid dense blocks of text. Use short paragraphs and/or bulleted copy so the type is large enough to be read from a reasonable distance.

Photos, diagrams and charts validate written results. Graphics that are acceptable for internal presentations may need to be professionally redrawn to maintain a corporate image and prevent copyright violations. Licensing existing illustrations can also be advantageous for some projects.

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