Preparing Clinical Posters:
Identify Objective

Keys to successful clinical posters are content, content, content. That's quality not quantity.

To find out areas of interest prompting current clinical trials, visit, or Health News. Through research, absorb as much as you can about the subject – not only from personal experience but from that of other authors you may wish to credit on your poster. Stimulate creativity by reading recently published research articles.

An objective must be established before writing a paper, and often prior to beginning clinical research. This objective forms the basis for an effective abstract, which summarizes the motivation, methods, results and conclusions. Often, a poster abstract is submitted for acceptance months in advance of an event. Upon approval it may be printed in a booklet or published on a website for attendees. If it also appears on the poster, deviation from pre-submitted text could have the poster removed by event organizers. Hence, abstracts must be worded carefully and mention only evidence-based results. In many cases, final posters can forego the "abstract" in favor of a shorter "introduction" so results and conclusions are more prominent and there is no need to adjust the abstract.

Use appropriate clinical terminology when presenting to colleagues. Less technical vocabulary is warranted for consumers or internal marketing meetings.

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