Preparing Clinical Posters:
Use Arousing Poster Title

The most significant research can be obfuscated by a poorly constructed title.

The title is the most prominent block of text on a clinical poster. It is typically the largest, first-recognized, and most reproduced element. It is common to use a phrase title, while some scientists and engineers effectively use sentence titles for posters with a single main result. Keep the poster title simple, yet informative. While a short title is easier to remember and allows for a larger and more legible font, some authors prefer to summarize the main point of the poster in one long sentence. It is reasoned then that the viewer will grasp the point even without reading the rest of the poster. Give consideration to how the point can be concisely conveyed.

All uppercase text interferes with readers' natural inclination to recognize words based on shapes and relative character size. Hence, capitals take longer to read.

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