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This website is configured to fulfill the special requirements of hospitals, universities, medical groups and device manufacturers.

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To improve the international shopping experience, three features are enabled:

  1. Google Translate (entire website)
  2. Currency Localization (product pages, shopping cart)
  3. Carrier Calculated Shipping

When browser preferences activate Google Translate, the menu bar appears at the very top edge of the page. A different language may be selected before closing it. If this obvious alert is not displayed, settings are accessible in the page footer.

Global carriers include USPS Priority Mail, FedEx and DHL. FedEx Ground is recommended for North America.* Exceptions are Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and various islands. For these, USPS Priority Mail is cost effective.

*Trade restrictions prohibit shipments to some countries.


Medical Specialties Have Value

Click the Catalog tab to see products grouped into medical specialties. Anatomy posters that traverse multiple specialties appear in more than one category. For example, while all cancer anatomy posters show up within Oncology, they also appear in respective categories of Dermatology, Pulmonology, and Gastroenterology.

Login To Save: If you register (create a password to preserve access to order history), we assign a medical specialty to your account based on order history. Future purchases within the corresponding category reflect an appreciation discount.

Tiered discounts that span multiple categories can be assigned to medical institutions. (Some products excluded.) The discounts increase when an order exceeds $1000 or $2000 USD respectively. Companies must meet the following criteria:

  1. Hospital, educational institution, medical group or device manufacturer
  2. Online purchases, not over the phone
  3. Cummulative orders of a thousand dollars or more during past 360 days
  4. Minimum cart purchase of 10 items


Ordering Posters in Bulk

Bulk quantities are relative. Language translation is available for custom-print orders. We can generally design and illustrate a custom poster for similar to what it costs to custom print a single title in bulk. Here are some contextual definitions with product links.

Bulk Quantity


> 50%


$4 off

24+, 60+, 144+

4% to > 10%

4% to 6%+

Additional discounts may be available via promotional codes.

Pay Your Way

ClinicalPosters supports a dozen different payment options. Choosing your preferred payment method helps you manage funds within each account. Options iinclude:

  • Zelle Pay with no minimum amount
  • Electronic bank transfers for payments of at least $150

We do not fulfill purchase order requests. Accounting departments can generate a PO and perform bank transfer during checkout on the same day.

*Third-party payment options that bypass customer login may prevent applicable discounts for repeat customers. View a list of Zelle financial partners at


Featured Awareness Months

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It is better to commission custom artwork than try to purchase rights to existing posters. Find answers to more questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Discounts For Large Quantities

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Troubleshooting Discounts

Medical specialty discounts are automatic under four conditions:

  1. You have previously purchased products from ClinicalPosters.
  2. You are currently logged into the site.
  3. You are shopping within the correct category.
  4. Your account is in good standing.

Use the contact form if there are still experiencing issues.

DeuPair Frames Conserve Space

Each easily stores two or more interchangeable posters.

Standard Pocket Frame

Slide content through edge

Deluxe Flip Frame

Insert content through front

Compare Framed Verses Unframed

See how posters will look on your wall.

It is up to you to determine how much to spend. Consider how posters will look hanging on the walls. Even our top-of-the line frame costs hundreds less than one custom frame from a local framing shop. Anatomy posters with hygienic lamination and DeuPair Deluxe Flip Frames are the recommended option.

A ClinicalPosters distinction is availability of laminated posters without grommets. This provides UV protection against color fading and hygienic protection against smudges with a satin finish. This versatile option allows posters to be inserted into the frames we sell. Whereas posters with grommets must be replaced to upgrade an office with frames.

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Registered repeat customers receive discounts when shopping within medical specialty categories.