Scientific Poster Details

Image does not reflect alternate color pallets. Artist will manually apply colors based on supplied customer content. Indicate dimen­sions and other pertinent details. Upload text and data. Customer is respon­sible for proof­reading and fact check­ing with up to 3 revisions.

Array: In the context of scientific posters, an array is a dominant grid of before-and-after photos with corresponding captions. Optimal amount depends upon the layout. As the number of photos increases, there is less room for text.

Charts and art: To create professional charts and graphs, provide plot points in a text file. The advantage here is that they get sharper as you zoom in rather than losing detail. Alter­natively, screen­shots of your graphs can be pasted into a layout without replotting. Color and style may not match the theme but there is no extra cost for using screenshots.

Data format: At the base price, supplied text is reformatted to fit the selected layout. Universal rich-text format is preferable. Microsoft Word and Excel are acceptable. Extracting data from PowerPoint or PDF files is most time consuming and problematic.

Respecting the confidentiality of your research, client data is not shared with others without consent. Paper copies of informa­tion are shredded after use.

File upload: If you have company logos, images and text that are ready, you may attach them to your order now as a zip archive. (jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, ppt, docx, pages, txt, rtxt, zip) Otherwise, they may sent later as the project progresses.

Taxes: Printed posters delivered within California are taxable. Other states may require either taxes at time of purchase or purchaser may declare usage tax locally. Digital delivery is non-taxable. Within California, select the color labeled Custom to suppress sales tax during checkout. Type desired color theme or “As shown” within note field.