Enter Multiple Products on Single Page

“Purchasing Department” has joined other medical specialties assigned to customers. This adds quick links to the Bulk Order Entry form that follow the logged in visitor.

Bulk Order Entry Screenshot

Bulk Order Entry Screenshot

Only the first two fields of each row should be completed on the 4-column Bulk Order Entry form. The primary field is a product search field for titles or SKUs. SKUs are visible within collection sliding drawers on desktop browser pages and on product pages when a customer is logged in. The first Bulk Order Entry field is followed by “quantity,” “cost” and “total” respectively.

  1. Type part of the Title or SKU. Related items are shown within the pop-up list.
  2. Select appropriate variation so full title fills first field.
  3. Tab to enter the Quantity. Unit cost and line total are completed for you.
  4. Repeat for the next row.
  5. When done, press Add to Cart button.
  6. Applicable discounts will be applied on the shopping cart page when logged in.

There are several reasons for some items to appear “out of stock.” They ship from a separate warehouse; we may maintain limited stock for specific products and replenish as needed. If items are truly unavailable, quantities are reconciled on the shopping cart page. 

Who Needs Bulk Entry

In large medical institutions physicians who shop for human anatomy posters and anatomical models may be separated from departments that actually place orders. The two visitors have different intentions when interacting with this website.

Physicians, or their designated assistants, visit to explore and see what is available to their profession. Viewing collections of products by medical specialty is helpful. The list of desired items can then be passed on to a purchasing department.

Purchasing Departments are not generally interested in discovering new products or browsing site features. The focus is to quickly locate listed items, make a payment and leave the site. Purchasers are more likely to use a search field than browse categorized collection pages. This is why the Bulk Order Entry form includes multiple search fields. The form is conveniently located within the alphabetical page footer.

Alternative Order Methods

Product titles, SKUs and ISBNs are searchable within standard header search field. Existing customers with address information on file may use the Contact form to send a list of desired products. A draft invoice will be emailed that becomes activated when payment information is added. Anyone may add items to their cart. Then return later to complete purchase.