Breast ultrasound


Hang interchangeable anatomy posters within DeuPair Frames, available in two styles:

Standard Pocket Frame, content slides into top

Deluxe Flip Frame, content inserts through front

Great Choices

Begin with one framed poster of each title.

Areolae Standard Pocket Frame
Areolae Deluxe Flip Frame

Anomalous Areolae Anatomy Poster

Answer questions females have about breast appearance with this exclusive ClinicalPosters design.

Anomalous Areolae explains areola variations in a concise format. Large female illustration demonstrates proper latching during breastfeeding. There are 19 illustrations with legible 17-point text descriptions on this exam-room poster.

Click style of black frame with 20x26" (51x66 cm) hygienic laminated poster

Pocket Frame


Flip Frame


Pregnancy Standard Pocket Frame
Pregnancy Deluxe Flip Frame

Pregnancy and Birth Anatomy Poster

Concisely demonstrate the birth process.

For OB-GYN professionals and their patients, Pregnancy and Birth shows vaginal canal, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovum, fertilization, implanted blastocyst, trimester and fetal development with embryo ultrasound and amniocentesis. Genetic screening and hormonal changes are discussed.

Click style of black frame with 20x26" (51x66 cm) hygienic laminated poster

Pocket Frame


Flip Frame


Understanding Breast Cancer Anatomy Poster

This is a top concern upon discovery of a lump.

Understanding Breast Cancer provides essential information about the most common types of breast cancer along with signs, symptoms and causes. Breast anatomy is illustrated with various stages. This includes instruction and graphic patterns for breast self-examination for optimum health.

Click style of black frame with 20x26" (51x66 cm) hygienic laminated poster

Pocket Frame


Flip Frame


Awareness Months

Teal Ribbon


Cervical Cancer

Peach and Teal Ribbons


Gynecologic Cancer
Ovarian Cancer

Pink Ribbon


Breast Cancer

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Add hygienic laminated posters to above framed posters.

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With adequate wall space, each poster can have its own frame.

Standard Pocket Frame

Slide content through edge

Deluxe Flip Frame

Insert content through front

It is up to you to determine how much to spend. Consider how posters will look hanging on the walls. Even our top-of-the line frame costs hundreds less than one custom frame from a local framing shop. Anatomy posters with hygienic lamination and DeuPair Deluxe Flip Frames are the recommended option.

A ClinicalPosters distinction is availability of laminated posters without grommets. This provides UV protection against color fading and hygienic protection against smudges with a satin finish. This versatile option allows posters to be inserted into the frames we sell. Whereas posters with grommets must be replaced to upgrade an office with frames.

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