Help the editor out with proofreading and fact checking. Text should be free of gram­mati­cal and typo­graphi­cal errors. Guest articles, distin­guished from advertorials, should be 500–1000 words to prevent a fee for edit­ing and reformatting. List up to three non-commercial links or references at the end of the article. Longer articles or those with extensive references will be rejected unless a fee is paid to cover extra labor of reading all the associated references.

Regardless of whether or not a fee is paid, guest authors must first create a basic account. Select a category of interest just like regular customers do. Most often it may be “nutrition” or “writing” or “marketing.” (It does not necessarily need to match the topic of the submitted article.) When you checkout (no credit card info required), you receive a link to a welcome package. It includes tips and suggestions along with links to great resources on the ClinicalPosters website.

Use this Guest Article submission page each time an article is submitted. Include the title and topic (tag) within the note field. Each transaction appears in your user account page. Authors of three or more articles can have them indexed with a biography that appears when readers click the author name or photo.