You may purchase a digital gift card for anyone. They are especially useful deploying poster bundles across multiple offices or departments. The prepaid amount allows the recipient to shop and checkout using the provide code. ClinicalPosters Gift Cards can also be saved within Apple Wallet for seamless checkout.

Corporate purchasing departments serve a vital role, especially within hospitals and medical groups. Physicians may shop independently on various websites and submit a requisition. The purchasing department looks to see if the site is an established vendor or if additional paperwork is required. Then a payment method must be agreed upon.

ClinicalPosters accepts most major credit cards and PayPal. But sometimes internally established credit card limits hinder purchases. ClinicalPosters Gift Cards can fill the needy allowing the shopper and end user to checkout. The purchasing department simply pays for a gift card with the appropriate denomination. ClinicalPosters Gift Cards may even be purchased with bank transfers following checkout.