Gastroenterology Departments

Best-selling posters are available in two sizes. These describe organs throughout the gastroentestinal tract.

Standard 20x26 Inch Posters

Select two hygienic laminated posters per frame.

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Featured Awareness Months


Colorectal Cancer


National Cancer
Survivor Month


Pancreatic Cancer
Stomach Cancer

Oversize 22x28 Inch Posters

Select finishing option.

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DeuPair Frames Conserve Space

Each easily stores two or more interchangeable posters.

Standard Pocket Frame

Slide content through edge

Deluxe Flip Frame

Insert content through front

Compare Framed Verses Unframed

See how posters will look on your wall.

It is up to you to determine how much to spend. Consider how posters will look hanging on the walls. Even our top-of-the line frame costs hundreds less than one custom frame from a local framing shop. Anatomy posters with hygienic lamination and DeuPair Deluxe Flip Frames are the recommended option.

A ClinicalPosters distinction is availability of laminated posters without grommets. This provides UV protection against color fading and hygienic protection against smudges with a satin finish. This versatile option allows posters to be inserted into the frames we sell. Whereas posters with grommets must be replaced to upgrade an office with frames.

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