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Frequently Asked Questions

Framing Option Questions +
  1. Can I hang posters without frames?

  2. Which frame do I choose?

  3. How do I know which size posters I need for my DeuPair Frame?

  4. What is the difference between the Pocket Frame and Flip Frame?

  5. How much overhead clearance is required for DeuPair Pocket Frames?

  6. Should I purchase cheaper frames elsewhere?

  7. Can I interchange 20x26 with 22x28 posters inside a 22x28 DeuPair Frame?

  8. Can I get DeuPair Frames in custom sizes for other posters I already have?

  9. Is hygienic lamination required for framed posters?

  10. Can I insert posters with grommets into DeuPair Frames?

  11. Will posters be inserted if frames are ordered separately on the same order?

  12. What is the difference between PETG and Polycarbonate overlays?

  13. Can I see what posters look like within colored frames?

Poster Questions +
  1. How many anatomy poster sizes are available?

  2. Can I view a larger product preview image?

  3. Is your entire inventory available online?

  4. How long does it take to receive out-of-stock items?

  5. Why did you discontinue the poster I need?

  6. What is hygienic lamination?

  7. What are eyelets (grommets)?

  8. How damaged are discounted “as-is” posters?

  9. Will hot lamination press out poster bends?

  10. How do I reduce/remove paper curl?

  11. Should I purchase existing poster in bulk or have new one designed?

Shopping Cart Questions +
  1. Do you accept purchase orders?

  2. Can I apply exemption from sales tax for my university?

  3. Did my (localized) cart prices change during checkout?

  4. How accurate are your currency conversions?

  5. Is it possible to receive a discount for buying 12 or more posters?

  6. Why did I receive a notification to complete checkout with an empty cart?

  7. Love the fast checkout from single-page grid. Why did it stop working?

  8. How come prices changed since my last order?

Shipping Questions +
  1. Is free shipping available?

  2. How do I look up my order number?

  3. Can I pick up an order to eliminate shipping fees?

  4. My order arrived damaged. How do I ship it back?

  5. Can I return an item because I changed my mind?

Copyright Questions +
  1. Can you send digital art so I can print the poster?

  2. Can you send me the English text for translation?

  3. Can I get permission to use images on this site in my report?

  4. Can I use these posters in motion pictures?

  5. How do I send copyright reproduction letter for headers?

Marketing Questions +
  1. What is your guest blog policy?

  2. Can I purchase ad space on this website?

  3. Do you support link exchange?

General Site Questions +
  1. Why are some photos blurred?

  2. How does local site search engine work?

  3. What is a transactional email?

  4. Can you help me find a cure for a medical condition?

  5. How are you affiliated with other ClinicalPosters sites?

Why are website pages responding abnormally? +

Three teams of programmers maintain the ClinicalPosters website. One is dedicated to firewall security. Another is optimizing general functionality of the Shopify hosting environment and backend administration. Finally, programmers are busy enhancing the public user experience.

As these functions operate concurrently, there may be occasional slow page loads, alert boxes or other anomalies. You may visit the Shopify Status page for current information regarding their activity. Status of the other two teams is not publicly available. Usually, issues are rectified within a matter of minutes.

Clearing your browser cache and history for this domain to eliminate outdated preferences. Enable JavaScript within browser preferences for best experience.

How do I access the blog(s)? +

There are two blogs. The News blog and Health blog, short for A Bit More Healthy. Both are available from the top navigation menu and from the Home page.

When newsletter subscribers log in, more Health article content is displayed. If linked to an activated Customer Account, Health articles matching the customer’s medical interest are filtered by default.

Logging in requires the exchange of data—minimally an email address and password; most accounts also require saving a name and other settings to deliver appropriate content.

Products and health articles that require viewer discretion are so labeled and images blurred until the visitor logs in. Public may comment on News articles but login is required to comment on Health articles. ClinicalPosters cannot be held accountable for reviews and comments made on the website. Use the Contact form if you have concerns about something posted by visitors.

ClinicalPosters Blogs
The News blog does not require login and is primary method of conveying important site features and updates. Monthly newsletter highlights a few recent articles. Customers are encouraged to visit periodically since some articles are not captured within newsletters.

What is included with ClinicalPosters Plus? +

The two most valuable distinctions of ClinicalPosters Plus are free standard shipping with minimum purchase and A Bit More Healthy blog access. Plus is currently available for USA and Canada delivery.

ClinicalPosters Plus
Standard shipping is the most economical between USPS Priority Mail and FedEx Ground. Canadian customers may be responsible for international customs duty fees.

Where do I sign up for ClinicalPosters Plus? +

Use the Subscription link in the page footer. Single-term subscription is processed through our online store. A Subscribe button is located for convenience, below.

Following subscription, you should login. This allows the system to check your subscription status.

How do I cancel my ClinicalPosters Plus subscription? +

Please use the Contact form to request termination at least 10 days prior to renewal date. This will allow time for service providers and banks to halt pending transaction.

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