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Decorate On A Budget

Working with limited funds does’t mean you need to settle for bland decor or none at all.

Tips And Money-Saving Tricks

In the rush to checkout, you may miss these discounts.


Consider Closeouts

Still useful: Sure, some items in the Closeouts section are a bit damaged. But truthfully, you will probably add a few bends while hanging posters anyway. The quality is rated 7 or higher on a scale of 10. Several items are as good as new!

Some closeouts are not damaged at all. They are discounted because of being discontinued. Is the content that was good enough for medical offices last year suitable for a middle school or clinic today?

Persentent content: Use keyword filters to narrow your search. Become familiar with “anatomy” and “pathology.” The latter suggests there is diagnostic information useful to medical professionals. Medical advancements are primary reasons for discontinuation. Anatomy, on the other hand rarely changes. A closeout anatomy poster is a real bargain.


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Find Promo Codes

After filling your cart with the best bargains you can find, you are ready checkout. Then you see a Promo Code field. Where do you get those? Sometimes they are emailed to site visitors. You may even see one on this page. Others are automatically activated. A schedule is published on the ClinicalPosters site.

By typing “promo code” into the search field or perhaps clicking a link in the page footer, the schedule pops up for you to copy and paste as needed. Most published promo code discounts are modest. But when combined with medical specialty discounts, savings are more tangible.



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Searching for discounts without registering on this site is a missed opportunity. What is the difference between registering and subscribing?

REGISTRATION: Provide a first and last name, email address, and password. This allows you to login and maintain a history of purchases. After your first order, a logical medical interest is added to your registered account — even if it’s “individual.” This unlocks discounts when shopping within a corresponding product category.

SUBSCRIPTION: Minimum requirement is email address. Subscribers receive information about time- and money-saving site features. You may subscribe during checkout. If you are registered and want automatic discounts, before shopping…


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Discount amount varies each month. Visitors who are logged into the site can view promo code schedule from naviagion bar.

Closeout Bargains

Limited quantity. Order Frames Separately.

Sold out

Sold out

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Put it Together

Do I need lamination? Is heavy paper the best deal? The price of some laminated posters in the Closeout section is the same as heavy paper elsewhere. Discounted unlaminated posters cost even less. But it is always better to laminate. Here’s why.

  • Hygienic protective coating
  • Vibrant colors last longer
  • Smooths minor handling bends

Considering a frame? You can exchange two posters within a DeuPair Pocket Frame in under 20 seconds. Anticiapting poster shuffling, lamination is recommended. Capture savings by purchasing half as many frames. If you don’t plan on storing multiple posters, consider a DeuPair Flip Frame with heavy paper. It seals on four sides and includes high-quality polycarbonate overlay.

DeuPair Frames Conserve Space

Each easily stores two or more interchangeable posters.

Standard Pocket Frame

Slide content through edge

Deluxe Flip Frame

Insert content through front

Compare Framed Verses Unframed

See how posters will look on your wall.

It is up to you to determine how much to spend. Consider how posters will look hanging on the walls. Even our top-of-the line frame costs hundreds less than one custom frame from a local framing shop. Anatomy posters with hygienic lamination and DeuPair Deluxe Flip Frames are the recommended option.

A ClinicalPosters distinction is availability of laminated posters without grommets. This provides UV protection against color fading and hygienic protection against smudges with a satin finish. This versatile option allows posters to be inserted into the frames we sell. Whereas posters with grommets must be replaced to upgrade an office with frames.

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