Golden Opportunity

Historically, all advertising has been kept internal—featuring related anatomy posters, frames, anatomical models, and ClinicalPins from the ClinicalPosters store. Infra­structure now accom­mo­dates the addition of external advertising. We encourage advertisers to place advertise­ments on many platforms, includ­ing

Now is the best time to secure ad space. During the rollout, advertisers appear more frequently across This is a great opportunity for our medical customers to reach an ideal audience. With targeted content, can become part of a comprehen­sive campaign for companies that want to reach customers with interest in health and fitness.

Advertising Rates For 2020

Recurring Ad Fees
Position (Per Tag) Monthly Annually
Article Sponsor: Text $120 $1200 (save $240)
Max Upper Banner Ad $200 $2200 (save $320)
Upper Banner Ad: Pair $150 $1650 (save $150)
Lower Banner Ad: Pair $100 $1000 (save $200)
Ad Insertion Fees 1x
Ad Type Setup Design
Advertorial $260
Banner Ads $150 $1000–2000
Prices in USD. Outside advertising agency designs that meet ClinicalPosters guidelines are acceptable. One-time setup (fact checking and coding), billed separately, is included with annual billing. Optional in-house design includes combining text, images, and setup.

Campaign Criteria

Banner Ads

Optimize legibility on desktop and mobile devices by providing versions of your banner ad in each of two sizes. This allows a deeper ad to display on smartphones and when a mobile tablet rotates from landscape to portrait.

  • 1024 x 128px (8:1) - desktop and landscape tablet
  • 1024 x 256px (4:1) - portrait tablet and mobile phone

Banner Ad Dimensions 8:1

Banner Ad Dimensions 4:1

Article Sponsor

This is the easiest ad campaign you can create. When sponsoring an article, a persistent text phrase: ‘Sponsored by Acme’ appears at the top of a page you select. The hypertext linked phrase takes visitors to the advertiser’s landing page. This first-come-first-serve option is appealing when the advertiser offers a product or service that relates to the article topic.

Guest Article

Non-commercial, grammatically correct content from guest authors should match our main medical categories. Articles requiring considerable editing or formatting will either be rejected or require a one-time setup fee.


Advertorials are a cross between a guest article and sponsored article. The advertiser provides text for the article appearing on the ClinicalPosters website. Like a guest article, the text appears in its entirety indefinitely without a monthly charge.


Frequent Questions

Can my single ad appear in both upper and lower positions?

Yes, dimensions for either position are identical. This requites two recurring ad placement fees.

Can I use a banner ad with both a specific and general tag?

Yes, there is one setup but and recurring ad fees.

Can have banner display in a specific geographic region?

USA may be specified but since this can only be determined if a logged in visitor has provided an address, geographic limitations can actually exclude those you may be trying to reach.

Can my ad randomly appear on all health articles?

Max Upper Banner Ad becomes the default when any other slot is vacant. Max with a general tag “individual” or ”popular” have highest visibility.

How many banner ads are randomized?

The goal is to have your banner ad appear frequently. Early adopters have little competition. There are two banner ad positions in which, anywhere from a few to 30 banner ads rotate. This does not include sponsored pages and advertorials. Other platforms rotate thousands of ads.

How can I know which articles are associated with each tag?

Visit A Bit More Healthy blog and click “Filter” to reveal tags. Associated articles filter below after selecting a tag. Keep in mind that new articles are being added each week.

Can I submit a guest article without advertising?

ClinicalPosters accepts guest blogs if the theme matches one of our medical specialty keywords. Contributors should offer a fresh error-free writing style approach that appeals to readers. The article concludes with a brief bio that may link to a website or social media account.

Non-Compete Advertisers

Non-exhaustive list of ideal advertisers: Clinical trial recruitment, multi-state hospitals, rare disease specialists, public health services, medical dictation services, health insurance providers, medical groups, cancer treatment facilities, medical apparel, hospice care, medical device manufacturers, medical schools, surgical specialties, fitness gym franchises, substance abuse recovery, medical conference organizers, patient support groups, medical software developers, resort hotels, spas, retirement communities, medical billing services, and others.


Ad rates and criteria are subject to change without notice. ClinicalPosters neither endorses or recommends sponsor. Trademarks and service marks are registered by respective owners. Updated May 2020.