Targeted Content

This website serves an active niche market of health-conscious visitors. Every article, customer, and product has keyword tags. A unique tag identifies primary customer interest. When a registered customer logs in, collections of products and articles with a match­ing tag group together for easy access. It is possible to view content outside of default groups by clicking other tags. Links to related articles appear on each product page and article.

Geographic regions: Ads may either appear to all visitors or the two thirds from within the United States. This distinction occurs when a visitor logs in with a United States address on file. If visitors are not logged in, geography is not a factor in ad rotation. Because the number of unregistered visitors vastly outnumbers registered users who login, disabling regional distinction is the default option.


Advertisers can use an identifier within the link to their landing page ( for click tracking with their personal Google Analytics account. Alternatively, shortened links provide click tracking. ClinicalPosters does not distribute a report with the number of visitors viewing pages on with specific banner ads. Banners appear randomly across existing and future pages. General information can be shared periodically about the popularity of articles. Such may only be useful for Sponsored Articles or Advertorials. As it reinforces a company’s brand, advertising provides beneficial exposure regardless of whether users click. Therefore, ClinicalPosters makes no claims regarding particular results.

Wider Reach

As of August 2019, there is an average of 30,000 pageviews per month on A Bit More Healthy newsletter subscribers receive a monthly summary of new articles. Subscription grants full access to health articles. Each article gets a bookmark on Pinterest, a social media site, where ClinicalPosters has 28,000 followers with millions of monthly viewers.

Site Consolidation

Over the years, multiple websites had products fulfilled through ClinicalPosters. Hundreds of articles have been published since 2010. To better manage inventory and GDPR, four domains were consolidated in January 2018. Updated articles plus new ones are being published at the rate of two to three per week. As content swells in the superior website format, soaring readership will continue.

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Criteria is subject to change without notice. ClinicalPosters neither endorses or recommends advertisers. Trademarks and service marks are registered by respective owners. Updated August 2019.