Results Are A Bit More Healthy

Why a search engine is such a big deal.

By Kevin RR Williams

WEBSITE The search feature on different websites is so common we that we might not recognize the value of a good one. Have you ever typed logical phrases that returned undesirable results? The complexity of a good search field is interpreting user intent. has amassed hundreds of A Bit More Healthy blog articles. Many complement the information on posters in the online store. But for the most part, visitors focus attention on either the store or the blog. With separate search engines, few have mentally connected the two.

For a long time, blog articles have linked to corresponding poster titles in the online store. But people that begin queries in the store are rarely aware of useful blog information. The loop is now complete. Links to related blog articles appear right within poster search results. Programming something to happen this naturally eliminates the need for procedural learning. The feature is so subtle, you may think it is no big deal. That is actually what validates this significant accomplishment. The intuitiveness of locating what’s useful is as much a technical triumph as it is a healthful achievement.

Information is good. So it seems sound to reason that more information is better. But it is possible to receive so much data that it becomes less useful. Most search engines index everything on every page. Then they rank results based on keyword frequency or preciseness of the expression. Often search phrases you type are either imprecise or too precise. This is when you find yourself scrolling through many pages.

We now offer alternative phrases and pertinent blog articles. This is possible by means of discreet on-site indexing. The goal is not to inundate. See up to three alternate keywords with perhaps one blog article, only when appropriate. As an example, type "fibromyalgia" into the storewide Find field. Just for fun, you can also type "most popular article". The improvement is more important since the storewide Find field is on every blog page. This feature introduces a new audience to the many benefits of becoming A Bit More Healthy reader.

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