The Real FAQs You’ve Been Asking For

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By Kevin RR Williams

WEBSITE Having frequently asked questions (FAQ) accessible is great. Providing fantastic answers to common questions is way better. Our FAQ is in the help tab (

FAQs were first based on a history of preparing clinical posters for dermatological events like AAD. It has been seven years since our FAQs had a thorough review! Since then, anatomy posters sales have supplanted literal clinical posters. For many customers today, clinical posters are synonymous with anatomy posters.

FAQs associated with preparation of clinical posters for event presentations have been depreciated. Currently, our top FAQs answer the majority of anatomy poster inquiries we receive. Our contact form, likewise has a menu with selectable Subject lines corresponding to FAQs. So it can often direct inquires to the appropriate answer.

Why are several search engines used? How can you remove paper curl? Where do you check the status of an order? How do you file a claim? When will you receive an order? And many more questions are all answered… fantastically!

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