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The You don’t have to shop alone.

By Kevin RR Williams

WEBSITE Online retailers are undermining brick-and-mortar stores. Sears, Macy’s, Kmart and Office Depot are among 21 retailers who have closed 3,591 locations between January and March 2017, according to Forbes. Expect more closures and acquisitions in coming months.

While shopping in physical stores, have you ever said, “I can buy this for less on the Web”? Brick-and-motar stores have expensive overhead. Advertising, shipping, warehousing, retail space, salaries for managers salespersons and cashiers must be factored into every item sold. Online retailers generally operate from less expensive warehouses with fewer employees.

Finding a Profitable Price Model

Low web pricing relies on virtually no customer interaction. Internet savvy customers use search engines to fill their shopping carts, checkout, receive automatic receipt, and get a package days later.

What if you actually need a sales representative to help you make selections? Phone support often consists of directing you to appropriate website pages. Customers who require more assistance than this disrupt the online pricing matrix. When was the last time you were able to phone Amazon for assistance finding and purchasing a number of products?

Online price model is disrupted when customers require personal assistance.

It’s not your fault that your finance or accounts payable department requires new vendors to complete numerous forms. You might be tasked with purchasing posters with only general knowledge of product categories. Likely you are unfamiliar with pros and cons of different finishing options. A language barrier sometimes lengthens the online shopping experience. Swelling the number of titles required to a couple dozen or more compounds the issues. All of this can complicate completion of an order.

Labor-intensive custom shipping-box construction accompanies a large order. Online price models generally have either: (A) high product markups with little to no shipping fees or (B) slim margins with normalized fees for shipping and personal service. Technology aids in maintaining the price model, while absorbing incidental labor costs.

When Helpful Is Not Enough

A business person that doen’t like servicing people, shouldn’t be in business. One who services many people without adequate compensation, won’t be in business.

Additional product-page keywords, improving search results so customers don’t need to rely on phone assistance. Dynamically suggesting hypertext words reduce search time. Corrections of typed common and difficult medical terms occur in the Find field. You can even prepare and print a quotation by checking out without payment. For customers that desire extensive personal assistance, there is finally an option.

We don’t mind taking simple orders over the phone. Sometimes the people answering the phone are also packing orders, balancing inventory, responding to emails, writing blogs, designing posters, and whatever else to keep things running smoothly. Lengthy phone calls or emails with complex instructions disrupt production and require some sort of compensation. Any company that tries to bury 80 dollars worth of time within a 35-dollar order will soon be following the path of Sears and Macy’s. To be here when you need us, we are introducing Curated Service.

Curated Service allows personnel to spend appropriate time organizing, corresponding, and packing your order for an additional fee. Keep in mind, this is for complex orders involving numerous SKUs, many heavy boxes, input required because of customer browser incompatibility, custom quotes, or completing appropriate paperwork for international customs requirements.

It’s like hiring a medical illustrator and interior decorator to recommend and assemble products for your office. This way satisfies orders that require an hour or more of customer service. By charging an optional service fee, we avoid raising the prices for those who are comfortable placing orders on their own. So in the future, do not be surprised if you receive a link to this page when it is apparent that assistance requires a more personal touch.

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