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Our product line has been expanded for you.

By Kevin RR Williams

PRODUCTS Patients and students identify with visuals on anatomy posters. Constraining our line of posters to 20x26 inches (51x66 cm) has made things simpler for framing and packing. Despite our vast selection, stocking one size limits options. By carrying a line of larger 20x26 inch (56x71 cm) posters, Store.ClinicalPosters.com can offer more anatomy posters throughout categories. These larger posters with new titles are being added to the existing line of standard-size posters—not replacing them.

Common Questions

  1. Is the size of prior posters changing? No
  2. Will the new 20x26 posters fit inside prior 20x26 frames? No
  3. Will the prior 20x26 posters fit inside 20x26 frames? No
  4. Can posters of different sizes hang on same wall? Yes
  5. Can I easily browse available 20x26 posters? Yes

Filling in the Gaps

The new posters feature consistent style and typography. Posters for glaucoma, PAD, rhinitis and sinusitis had been previously absent for a long while. The popular gastroenterology poster Diseases of the Digestive System now has an alternate with the same title that includes more cutaway views of various conditions. Smoking, depression, kidney, and liver previously had limited choices.

The latest nutrition poster offers content that compliments others in the same category. Two more types of arthritis posters are now available. The comprehensive Understanding Skin poster includes the hair follicle with information on first through third degree burns. Musculoskeletal System combines side-by-side anterior muscular and skeletal system diagrams. The 50-page desk reference Complete Portfolio of Human Anatomy and Pathology is half the cost of Classic Anthology of Anatomical Charts. Click on any of the titles below to examine new offerings.

New Anatomy Titles

The new titles are linked below. Click preview image on product pages to view large sample.

  1. Diseases of the Digestive System
  2. Effects of Smoking
  3. Female Reproductive System
  4. Male Reproductive System
  5. Musculoskeletal System
  6. The Kidney
  7. The Liver
  8. Understanding Arthritis
  9. Understanding Heart Disease
  10. Understanding Depression
  11. Understanding DVT
  12. Understanding Glaucoma
  13. Understanding Nutrition
  14. Understanding PAD
  15. Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis
  16. Understanding Rhinitis
  17. Understanding Sinusitis
  18. Understanding Skin
  19. Understanding the Teeth
  20. Complete Portfolio of Human Anatomy and Pathology

Modifications to Online Store

Store.ClinicalPosters.com now highlights non-standard poster sizes and includes alerts during checkout when there are multiple sizes or finishes. Poster sizes appear on line items in your shopping cart. You can click on product pages where you see Search Tags: 22x28 inches to list other items matching those dimensions. Results can now be sorted by category. The 22x28" frames are clearly marked on the Inventory category pages. In short, the store has been enhanced to eliminate confusion over sizes when ordering posters and frames.

Shopping Cart Features: GREEN: Navigation. YELLOW: Controls. LAVENDER: Alerts

Framing Anatomy Posters

The main purpose for this announcement and all the changes in our store is to prevent customers from buying posters that do not fit within their interchangeable DeuPair Frames. These frames are generally manufactured to order in the USA. To speed delivery and offer a discount, we produce frames for 20x26 posters in batches. Depending on how well the new posters are received, we hope to also stock 22x28 frames soon. For the time being, larger frames will be special order in pairs. Additional cost for the larger size is offset by a lower price for multiple posters that are placed within them.

Adopt Poster Receive ten slightly damaged laminated anatomy posters for just $100. Based on best condition of what is available, a packer will go through the imperfect inventory and provide best options.

Can you hang anatomy posters of different sizes in one room? You certainly can. Art galleries do it all the time. Just align the vertical centers at average eye level. We hope to progressively match inventory to demand. Until then, some posters may be delayed up to 10 days. Please share your comments about the new offerings below.

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