Don’t Be Tacky

Thumbtacks leave an undesirable lasting impression.

By Kevin RR Williams

DECOR What you hang on your wall at home is your business. however, what you hang on your office walls is your business. Stop impaling posters.

Miss the Point?

You are already shopping at for the best anatomy posters. Don’t get hung up on various finishing options. Many customers correctly purchase laminated posters without grommets. Then standards drop. Results are less than satisfying after using Scotch tape, pushpins or thumbtacks to affix them to their company walls.

Picture wire

Others are lured into ordering cheap frames elsewhere. Then they discover that the frames are either too large, cover text in the margins, or are a nightmare to hang. Who wants to get lost in spools of wire or go to school to learn picture framing? These companies end up spending the money “saved” on a professional to hang ill-fitted frames.

DeuPair Pocket Frame
Keep multiple posters within a frame by sliding them into the top pocket.

Averaging two posters per frame cuts framing costs in half.

DeuPair Frames are precision-cut to match our anatomy posters and allow maximum viewing area. They do not require a tight wire act and will not fall off the wall or skew during patient consultations. We offer the best solution because, after trying the alternatives, we engineered what is most ideal.

As the name implies, top-load pocket frames have a concealed slot on the top. Front-load flip frames have hinged edges that pull forward. Either design stores multiple posters that can be quickly interchanged without removing the frame from the wall, or using any tools.

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Two pocket frames with durable crystal clear polycarbonate overlay allow physicians to mark on them with dry-erase markers. The overlays come with a 5-year outdoor warranty — lasting much longer within doctors’ offices. Averaging just two posters per frame cuts your framing costs in half, while freeing up valuable wall space. But each frame can store at least half a dozen posters — and you can take advantage of quantity discounts on frames.

Push pin

Don’t get so caught up in saving money that you miss the point. Posters you hang in your office are a reflection of your company. Loose the thumbtacks. Order DeuPair frames and be proud of what you have on display.

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