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By Kevin RR Williams

WEBSITE Wow! This is the eighth year of A Bit More Healthy blog! Frequent shoppers benefit from ongoing improvements to our online store every week. Periodically, we highlight new features here.

What Does That Stand For?

Both in blog articles and the online store, we have begun defining some of the esoteric medical abbreviations making up a figurative alphabet soup. When using desktop computers, hover the cursor over abbreviations such as CDV, CT, Dx, ECG, ENT, MRI, Pt, RA, Rx, T1DM, or T2DM to view definitions. Type one of these expressions into the "Find" field at to locate results without spelling the words out.

If you are not sure what abbreviation should be used, best spellings are often corrected. The list of alternate spellings is growing each week. If you’re interested in what the code might look like, here is an example of spelling corrections for thousands of iterations of the word “inflammation.”

## Correct spelling of medical terms

Previously we included limited support for hashtags by stripping spaces from the short description (visible in search results) and the comma-delimited keywords. Recently, product titles were added so you can now find things like #Hipandkneeinflammations.

Searching abbreviations and auto-correcting misspellings is nice but there is an even easier way to locate products. The search tags at the bottom of product pages (not the blog) are clickable. This facilitates related searches without typing. Alternatively, it is possible to search products within dollar ranges from a drop down menu at

## Create search links from comma separated word string
sub wordlinks($) {
  my $x=$_[0];
  $x=~s!(, )([- a-zA-Z0-9\"]+)
  !\1<a href="$path_url?action=srch&key=\2"!>\2!g;
  return $x;

Price Changes

Poster manufacturers have again presented us with an annual wholesale cost increase that must be passed on to our customers. We will continue adding value above and beyond the unit cost of products that pay for themselves with a single interaction. Our customer status portal, legendary packing methods, online blog and monthly newsletter offer benefits beyond the sale.

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Though customers may be responsible for use tax in their own states, we only collect tax for sales delivered within California. On January 1, 2017, our sales tax rate was reduced by a quarter percent.

Website Enhancements

Sales and Bargains

Numerous posters are available for free download. We can print, laminate and frame them for a fee if desired. Use the "Less than $7" range to find them. Bargains are generally slightly damaged posters. Currently, you can buy them individually or in bulk. (Tip: Framing dogeared posters makes the damage nearly impossible to detect.) Add a frame to your cart and you are presented with the option to adopt a poster with minimal imperfections for just $5.

Website Enhancements Two used Vista System frames in great condition are for sale. They are ideal for three-dimensional company branding behind a receptionist or in a vestibule. Because they have been used, they are steeply discounted though in excellent condition. The two frames are ready to ship first-come-first-serve.

Pick The Best Frame

We have historically recommended ordering laminated anatomy posters with our DeuPair Pocket top-load standard frames. This is a marked improvement in decor over thumbtacked posters. The lamination allows multiple posters to be slid in and out without accumulating smudges. Many customers order a frame for each poster even though content is interchangeable.

Some customers have become a bit clever with their orders; they have opted to purchase unlaminated posters with DeuPair front-load deluxe frames. (Front-load frames have a slightly wider bezel, smoother finish, and are well-suited for low ceilings.) The deluxe frame with paper costs just a dollar more than the standard frame with laminated poster.

Because contents are sealed on all four sides, dust and moisture is minimized. When frames will be hung in humid areas like Florida, Louisiana or Hawaii, lamination is suggested to prevent mildew. Lamination with deluxe frames is still recommended to reduce fading from overhead lights and also for interchangeable posters within a single frame that will be handled periodically, as a sanitary measure.

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