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Spectacular pageviews.

By Kevin RR Williams

WEBSITE We produced just a third of the number of blog articles written during 2010 but managed to break all records in visitors and pageviews since then. Thanks for helping and A Bit More Healthy blog reach over 282,000 pageviews from 177,000 visitors during 2016.

Just about a third of all visitors (38 percent) use mobile devices; nine percent visted with smartphones. The overwhelming majority of 62 percent preferred desktop computers. This is an upward shift from the prior year where desktop and mobile devices were nearly equal.

Blog readers represent 45 percent of all visits. Of these, 40 percent continued to favor posts from 2011. This was followed by 24 percent reading year-2013 posts and 23 percent reading year-2012 articles. Despite premium content, at least three factors contributed to relatively poor performing 2016 articles. (1) Older articles have more time to develop backlinks throughout the Internet. (2) There were long gaps — sometimes months — between writing periods. (3) In November, we fixed navigation that skipped several articles.

"It’s Dysautonomia, Not Laziness" continues to be our most viral post with 16,242 views. Taking this as a challenge, the next article in 2017 will attempt to match the appeal. It includes extensive research on a controversial topic.

Viewers’ Top Blog Article Visits During 2016

  1. It's Dysautonomia, Not Laziness – May 25, 2011 (6%)
  2. Drink Away Vertigo With Water – August 22, 2012 (2%)
  3. Enjoy Avacados Before They Ripen – October 17, 2012 (2%)
  4. Dizzy In The Mold, Not In The Head – June 10, 2013 (1%)

Aggregated visits to accounted for 53 percent of pageviews. It makes it appear that pain is the motivator of most visitors. The poster page with the highest number of views was Understanding Pain (8%) followed by Understanding Breast Cancer (8%) and then Low Back Pain (3%). Views did not correspond with sales of 170 SKUs. The most popular poster sold was Ear, Nose & Throat followed by two different Digestive System posters.

A year ago, we were excited to reach 7,400 Pinterest followers. In 2016, that number nearly doubled to 13,600. This contributed to 32 percent of referral traffic during 2016, just behind Google with 40 percent. By comparison Facebook drove 2 percent and Twitter statistically 0 percent of referral traffic. The top three Web browsers were Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer respectively. Half were Windows users; 39 percent favored iOS and Macintosh; 9 percent used Android devices.

We learn there is a demand for articles that address visitor’s pain. It is also apparent that regular quality content is a necessity. Lilkely there is a need to improve mobile browsing navigation. With these lessons in mind, we look forward to another year.

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