Galaxy Note7 is Toast

Samsung throws in the towel.

By Kevin RR Williams

TECHNOLOGY Swiping through the morning news on a smartphone while sipping your favorite beverage, you pinch and zoom over numerous reports of fires and explosions. These are not terrorist attacks. Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones are igniting vehicles and aircraft like forgotten slices of bread in a toaster. Subways and airlines began issuing bans on the use of the Note7 announced on August 2, 2016. Phone carriers started offering sidegrades to alternate Samsung smartphones.

Samsung has updated the Note7 recall page, which now says that "original" and "replacement" Galaxy Note7s "can overheat and pose a safety risk."

In an unprecedented move for the industry, safety regulators announced a formal recall of Samsung's Galaxy Note7, in September 2016. Samsung COO Tim Baxter issued a public apology on September 16, halted the sale of Note7s and offered replacement phones to 2.5 million customers. But the troubles were not over. By mid-September only 5 percent of customers exchanged phones. Users continued to report overheating Note7 replacement phones — some within days of receiving them.

Product Recall: Replacement Note7s are no longer an option. Samsung has permanently discontinued production and sales of its Note7. The official stance is that all Galaxy Note7 owners — of both original and replacement phones — should immediately power off and return their phone to the carrier or retailer they purchased it from. Customers can either receive a refund or trade them in for an alternate Samsung smartphone. With the refund, some customers are purchasing the iPhone 7. Replacement Samsung device will likely be the Galaxy S6 or S7 edge — both lack the pen notation feature of the Note7. However the Galaxy brand has been tarnished and the distinction between Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note7 is likely to go unnoticed among consumers.

Galaxy Note7 is Toast

Within three months the smoke has not completely settled. In more than a bit of a jam, Samsung throws in the towel. Surrendering to a widespread public relations nightmare, the Galaxy Note7 will no longer be a fixure on anyone’s breakfast table.

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