Migrating Entities

Keep an eye on Enquad.com

By Kevin RR Williams

SITE ClinicalPosters.com is part of a larger portfolio of websites and businesses that are being amalgamated. Some are being rebranded with updates geared towards improving the process of servicing our audience. If things continue moving in the current direction, ClinicalPosters.com share space with an exciting new company called Enquad. Key benefits to customers will be more inventory, updated equipment and the option to pick up orders within Los Angeles County.

One of the first steps is the migration of ReactiveImaging.com to EnquadPrint.com. Reactive Imaging is an online printing site that predates ClinicalPosters.com. When the blog you are currently reading became popular, Reactive Imaging was somewhat orphaned. Store.ClinicalPosters.com provides a better checkout experience.

After this first transition is completed, the EnquadPrint.com will provide customers with a broader range of products and faster turnaround. Customers will be able to create an account that preserves payment preferences and order history. Within a week you will be able to order everything from 250 full-color business cards to 20,000 catalogs. In addition to offset printing, large-format digital printing is used for banner stands and short-run posters.

EnquadPrint is ready to print where you are

EnquadPrint.com is the first visible step in a much larger rollout. I have personally been producing content for a new blog at Enquad.com (not available at the time of this writing). There are plans to tightly integrate Enquad.com and Enquadprint.com

It is too early to tell if ClinicalPosters.com will acquire new branding. The main thing I wish to stress to readers is that despite lapses in site updates here, a tremendous amount of activity is going on behind the scenes.

Here are some important ways you can help. Follow @enquad_us on Twitter. Also, visit enquad.com to sign up for the mailing list there. Please follow in both places if at all possible. We thank your for your loyal support over the years and want to keep you in the loop as we roll out new services.

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