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We ship the anatomy posters you enjoy having on your walls.

By Kevin RR Williams

PRODUCT Some shops focus on price while others produce quality product or great service. With an online presence, vast selection, easy navigation, proper packing and rapid delivery are important. In an ideal world, shops would not come up too short in any of these areas. is committed to delivering a wide selection of anatomy posters for medical exam rooms and educational institutions while offering the best framing options. This means that they are not only durable but easy to hang and include capacity for multiple interchangeable posters. They not only look beautiful in your office but can save money and wall space.

We take pride in the way we pack framed or unframed posters. Each frame is bagged in plastic to eliminate scrapes. The shatterproof overlay that comes with frames has a protective film to prevent scratches. (This film should be removed before hanging.) Shipping boxes are custom sized for ease of handling. Package corners are reinforced when more than four frames are included in one box. All of this means that your fuly assembled frames arrive in pristine condition.

Shipping something as fragile as a large paper poster also requires special handling. Storage racks must keep them flat and dry. Then we do something other shippers don’t. We carefully reverse roll them. This means the temporary curl grips the wall rather than pulling away from it. Posters are also wrapped with paper before inserting into a crush-resistant tube. This makes them easy to remove when they arrive. (Recently, it was revealed that FedEx imposes a surcharge for round tubes. Triangular tubes are currently being phased in.)

Simply put, we pack products better. Since has a wide selection of current anatomy posters, hyperlinked keywords for easy navigation, competitive pricing, DeuPair frames, excellent packing and international shipping, you should join the thousands of medical professionals who decorate their walls with anatomy posters from

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