Three Things To Know About Cervical Cancer

January is cervical cancer awareness month.

By Kevin RR Williams


HEALTH Cervical cancer awareness month doesn’t get the notariety of pink National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This blog has posted several articles over the years that discuss everything from personal exams to a soup recipe that strengthens your immune system. This year I will share three simple facts.

  1. A vaccine is recommended before a woman beomes sexually active. It does not prevent about 30 percent of cervical cancers.
  2. Since cervical cancer comes from the sexually transmitted disease HPV, abstenence is the best prevention.
  3. Early cervical cancer is largely symptomless. January is a reminder month to schedule a Pap testing. Get it done and feel better the rest of the year.

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Thinking, reading or talking about the possiblity of cancer is a mood kill. Contrast that with the peace of mind from successfully passing the test so you can continue being A Bit More Healthy.

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