Vegetables That’ll Blow You Down

Enjoy underrated foods.

By Kevin RR Williams

NUTRITION To many people, vegetables are a necessary evil. They tolerate a spoonful of canned veggies next to their large meat entree. Naturally, therefore, there is bewilderment over how others possibly live off of vegetables.

It is not my intent to convert the world to vegetarianism. Eat whatever keeps you healthy is my motto. However, since we all need nutrients found within vegetables, can you see the benefit of elevating the preparation of plant-base foods above the form popularized by Popeye? It is possible to prepare an appetizing meal accompaniment, if not a delicious gourmet main course made from vegetables. That’s the goal of the Mouth Watering Veggies board on Pinterest. It now features over 600 delectable recipes from numerous blogs that are just a click away.

When people ask, "What does a vegetarian eat?” the answer is quite simple: Basically, the same things as everyone else — only (arguably) healthier versions. Now you can enjoy a wide variety of soups, pasta, chill, enchiladas, pizzas, veggie burgers, fritters and small bites with all of the flavor and none of the guilt. Toss the cans, try a few fresh recipes and never look at vegetables as a necessary evil again.

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