Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter

Product preview image size has been extended.

By Kevin RR Williams

WEBSITE The debate has raged for years. A smaller file size offers faster downloads, providing immediate gratification. Others protest that they get more satisfaction from larger images. Computers and mobile devices have become more powerful, Internet speeds have increased and computer screens have better resolution. Therefore, we must concede that an increased size provides a better experience with more detail.

Sharing the same aspect ratio as the human anatomy posters we sell, our default size for images on this blog is 200x260 pixels. uses 300x390 pixels. Previously, when either was clicked using a desktop computer, a 400x520 pixel preview appeared. Our customers have told us that they felt unsatisfied with that maximum preview size and we listened.

Larger images are now used. Over 90% of the product previews in the online store plus blog photos from January 2015 going forward now scale up to an impressive 650 pixels wide when clicked, providing greater detail (without giving away full-resolution poster art that funds this site). This adjustment may be easy to overlook but it took days to implement so we hope you share our excitement over the news.

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