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By Kevin RR Williams

PRODUCT For both aesthetic and hygienic reasons, DeuPair™ frames are a no-brainer for medical offices. The rate in which is fulfilling orders with satisfied customers is on a 45-degree upward trajectory. The number of styles are expanding while working hard to maintain enough in stock to meet demand. Yet, some people still don’t understand the benefit of sealed, framed posters.

I Went and Stayed Too Long

How long has it been since your exam-room posters have been replaced? Our online store lists the copyright date for each shipping poster for comparison. Newer posters are reviewed by physicians and incorporate modern materials and methods. But often posters need to be replaced more frequently than updates are printed.

Delvin Choice vs. Josh Kaufman: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"
NBC The Voice, Season 6, Round-2 Battles. Original song by Stevie Wonder.

Is Your Love Still Strong?

Lamination provides a hygienic barrier between the anatomy poster and the ill patients in its vicinity. Doctors can use them as interactive consultation boards by marking them with dry-erase markers. The lamination can be wiped with soft, damp cloth or alcohol when soiled. But it still requires thumbtacks to hang. A stronger, more attractive barrier is a poster frame.

Unprotected paper anatomy posters are exposed to coughs, sneezes and dirty hands without the benefit of being sanitized. Additionally, colors on unprotected posters fade more quickly. To an office on a budget, thumbtacking unprotected paper posters may seem like the cheapest option. But safety and liability should be more important than temporary economic advantages.

Anodized extruded aluminum DeuPair frames are commercial frames that prevent liability from falling objects. They don’t skew, so you won’t have to hire a part-time employee to run around straightening pictures. They are guaranteed against warping or breaking for 10 years—and are also compatible with dry-erase markers.

Depending on the thickness of the backing and poster finishing, each DeuPair frame can hold at least two posters or as many as a dozen. The desired poster can be rotated to the front in seconds by simply sliding the contents upwards within the Pocket Frame or by flipping the sides forward within the Flip Frame. By combining at least two posters within one frame, offices actually end up with higher quality, more aesthetically appealing decor for less money than flimsy non-extruded alternatives. In areas where frequent stubborn soiling occurs, the plastic overlay can be replaced with picture glass.

I'm Back and Not Ashamed

There is no shame in fulfilling your heart’s desire when it comes to anatomy posters. With your signature they're sealed in lamination for the love of patients and administration. And when you need more posters and frames, don’t be afraid to come back. Yours can be delivered, worldwide.

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