Thanks for a Glamorous Year!

We broke all records in 2014.

By Kevin RR Williams

WEBSITE Thanks for an amazing, spectacular, and glamorous year. Your loyalty helped us to handily exceed the goal of one quarter million page views last year. In total, 199,349 new visits contributed to 309,293 page views! That’s 123,050 more views that occurred during the 2013 calendar year. This suggests that, as a visitor, you are enjoying the content. Close analysis reveals some interesting insights that will help shape this blog during 2015.

The spring has customarily seen the most traffic. During the May peak, there were 30,429 visitors reading nearly 40,000 pages. Just about half of all visitors (50.2 percent) use mobile tablets, with iPad and iPhone dominating 74 percent of mobile devices used. That’s good because we enhanced the mobile experience.

Blog readers represent 27 percent of all visits. Of these, 41 percent probed posts from 2011 compared to only 4.5 percent who were reading posts from 2014. The fact that articles from 2013 were in second place at 24 percent (within that subset of 27 percent of all blog visits) is telling. Cancer-related articles were hot topics. We also learn that as articles have time to find their way into external search engine links and social media sites, older articles are more frequently visited. So during 2015, we expect that some of the 61 articles written during 2014 will become more popular. Are you curious about what most people are reading in this blog?

Viewers’ Top Blog Article Visits During 2014

  1. It's Dysautonomia, Not Laziness – May 25, 2011 (3%)
  2. Is The Skin Cell Gun Real? – February 4, 2011 (1%)
  3. Lymphoma Awareness – September 10, 2013 (1%)
  4. Drink Away Vertigo With Water – August 22, 2012 (1%)
  5. I Feel So Bad, I Could Spit – March 9, 2011 (1%)

Aggregated visits to accounted for 71 percent of page views. (More visits to the online store mean that site is better funded—if shoppers actually complete their checkout.) Within the store, the most viewed poster was Understanding Breast Cancer followed by Understanding Pain and then Skin Burn Severity.

Now with 3,500 followers, Pinterest contributed to 55 percent of referral traffic during 2014. The pin for the enlarged Skin Burn Severity poster has nearly one like for each follower. It was recently reported that there are about a million monthly viewers of pins. Tens of thousands of viewers engaged with our content daily on Pinterest. Hence, there are plans for more Pinterest integration with this blog during 2015. We will be posting larger images for you to repin.

Statistics can easily become monotonous. Let me conclude by thanking you once again for your support and welcome all new subscribers. If you have a favorite article or poster that has not been mentioned, please let me know in the comments below and post a link to it within your social media circles so others will take a look.

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