Tummy Tucker

Plastic surgery after weight loss.

By Kevin RR Williams

HEALTH It’s a stretch to think that exercise alone can sculpt the morbidly obese body. Fat cells and skin cells multiply in proportion to the weight gain. Dramatic weight loss, whether from dieting, liposuction or bariatric surgery can result in stretch marks and excess skin hanging over an otherwise toned abdomen. Despite vigorous workouts with a personal trainer, David Smith had 30 lbs of skin removed following a 400 pound weight loss. Thirty pounds an amount many dieters would consider to be their entire weight-loss target. Considered a separate cosmetic procedure, surgical body toning may not be covered by most health plans, even when bariatric surgery is.

Tummy Tucker

If crunches, planking, and treadmill runs still have you tucking in more than your shirt or blouse, removal of excess skin may be considered. As with all surgeries, there are some risks involved. Seek references for a Board Certified physician.

To give you an idea of how dramatic results can be, I have included before and after photos from a patient of Dr. Michael Pickart (Note: I performed some color balancing and removed elastic clothing impressions from skin. See originals here.) "Abdominoplasties, body lifts, brachioplasties, breast lifts, etc., on bariatric patients typically create dramatic improvements. The results are not subtle,” says Pickart.

Tummy Tucker

To prevent having multiple surgeries, remain A Bit More Healthy and take action to maintain a healthy weight before cells multiply resulting in morbid obesity. As a general guideline (designed to evaluate populations, not individuals), consider how you measure up to the standard Body Mass Index (BMI). If you have successfully fought the battle of the bulge, take comfort in the fact that there are remedies for the battle with the folds.

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