The Voice Lessons

Music to my ears.

By Kevin RR Williams

ENTERTAINMENT In a vocal competition, it becomes evident pretty quickly when you're outmatched. Someone who sings much better than peers or those in regional contests can quickly fade to obscurity in a televised singing competition. This has been the case this year on NBC The Voice. Battle rounds pitted the best of the best. In some, contestants were equally matched. Other matches had one competitor with a slight edge over their counterpart. Ultimately, it's up to viewers to decide upon a winner. Already, I see three standouts. Any one of whom could take the title.

Best Performances on The Voice

Biff Gore vs. Sisaundra Lewis: "It's a Man's Man's Man's World"
NBC The Voice, Season 6, Round-2 Battles. Original song by James Brown.

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Delvin Choice vs. Josh Kaufman: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"
NBC The Voice, Season 6, Round-2 Battles. Original song by Stevie Wonder.

Bif put up a good battle, but after going through two coaches, he was edged out by vocal powerhouse Sisaundra. Considering the size of Texas, with the winner dependent upon viewer votes, one of the country music finalists could become a front runner. However, music genre aside, based on performances thus far, I rank them as follows: 1. Sisaundra Lews, 2. Delvin Choice, 3. Josh Kaufman. Song selection and subsequent performances can easily reorder the rankings. In fact, after the first Live Shows Premiere in which America voted, Kaufman, in my opinion was on top because of song choice. After watching the two battle videos above, I immediately purchased their music, which were studio recorded solo performances, from iTunes.

Update: The Voice Seaon 6 winner is… Josh Kaufman. Congratulations!

Sisaundra demonstrates remarkable improvement since her lackluster 2006 dance album entitled Shout, also available on iTunes. Delvin is the Starbucks barista that has gone from a no-chair turn in season 5 to a coveted 4-chair turn in season 6 of The Voice. Singer, songwriter and pianist Kaufman is a member of the band The New Etiquette (formerly known as Josh Kaufman and the Frequency), an Indianapolis-based rock and soul band. You can catch up on all the shows you've missed at or on The Voice. website. Who are your favorites?

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