Why Are Anatomy Posters Useful?

They are much more than medical office decoration.

By Kevin RR Williams

POSTERS Although they can brighten a drab office, anatomy posters are much more than decoration. Typically, they are displayed in medical examination rooms and classrooms. Well designed human anatomy posters serve as essential liaisons between patients and doctors. The book, Beyond Bullet Points, stresses that visuals are more important than text during presentations — even when the audience is somewhat familiar with the topic. How much more so when one with a medical degree is describing ailments to a patient?

Belying their bedside manner, physicians may go to two extremes: either using vocabulary that is not well understood or oversimplifying troublesome ailments to dissatisfied patients. By visually depicting labeled organs beneath the surface, patients can be helped to understand what ails them. Posters may also discuss various symptoms and remedies. It's up to the physician to direct patients to the appropriate visuals and prescribe the best course of action. This leads to better compliance with treatment recommendations.

After changing into their gowns, a high percentage of patients report examining anatomy posters to pass time. Interest increases for content that is most germane to patient symptoms. Hence, physicians often hang anatomy posters that reflect conditions treated in the majority of their patients. Rheumatologists display posters that elucidate arthritis and the musculoskeletal system. Internists and endocrinologists may feature diabetes anatomy posters. Neurologists feature posters about the brain and nervous system. There are appropriate posters for nearly every specialty.

Unlaminated paper anatomy posters should not be used in sterile medical environments. Doctors are in contact with them. Ill patients touch them and may cough and sneeze on them too. At minimum, posters should be laminated. For optimum protection, they can also be framed. Dry-erase markers can be used on both framed or laminated posters available at Store.ClincialPosters.com.

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