Fitness Drive

Don’t fall prey to self-delusion.

By Kevin RR Williams

HAPPENISM My automobile had gotten filthy. Recent storms left an unsightly mess. Funny thing is, if your car has a good wax job and is clean before the rain, it stands a good chance of looking decent after a storm. Neither applied in my case. A neighbor's car was being detailed as I drove by in shame. When I returned, I left it out, intending to take it just two blocks away to get washed.

Perhaps if there were some hot chicks busting suds or the antics of the 1979 movie Car Wash mockumentary there may have been some incentive to stick around and watch others wash my car sooner. But one distraction led to another and a couple hours went by. Checking the clock, there was still enough time to drive it to the carwash, walk back and wait an hour before walking again to get my vehicle. I reasoned, this way I could get some exercise.

Who am I kidding? If I want some exercise, wash it myself! So I did and felt better. It took about 50 minutes. According to the Health Calculator, I burned 292 calories. That's my fitness tip for this month's happenism — crank up the radio and get some cardio in somehow during the day.

What simple lessons have you learned or taught recently? Share your thoughts below and tweet #happenism.

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