Buy Anatomy Poster, Get $50,000


The government is giving bonuses to medical offices.

By Kevin RR Williams

TECHNOLOGY Some doctor's offices are hesitant to spend a few dollars on the anatomy posters we sell to support all the valuable information shared throughout the year. Among other things, past articles have revealed how to receive grants for clinical trials and advice for patients coping with chronic illness.

This could be the best deal ever. Earlier, an article on this site stated, "Physicians can earn $44,000 or $64,000 in cash Medicare or Medicaid bonuses through 2015 with EHR 'meaningful use' iPad deployment." Time is running out. If you haven't already done so, decorate your exam rooms with informative anatomy posters with the money you save by deploying Electronic Health Record technology. Review the Medscape article entitled, "Stimulus Package Has Billions for Healthcare."

That's seems pretty fair, doesn't it? In exchange for purchasing anatomy posters, I have shared how to receive tens of thousands of dollars. There is no coupon to scratch with negligible odds of winning. Upgrade your office technology and brighten your decor with informative anatomy posters. Now get started.

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