Why Savvy Doctors Fit Three Anatomy Posters in One Frame

Best quality frame money can buy for this purpose.

By Kevin RR Williams

DECOR One frame costs less than three. But simple economics is not the only reason doctors love this deal. First, understand that the posters are not trapped beneath impenetrable glass. These frames offer the best value for fit, finish, durability and appearance. They don't need to be carried to some outside shop with special training and tools to be pried open like a clam in order to reveal its treasure. With DeuPair™ frames, anatomy posters  concealed in the back can be rotated to the front without removing the frame from the wall.

Two Primary Lamination Advantages

  1. Colors last longer with UV filters
  2. More sanitary surface protected from soiling

Key Benefits of Framed Sets

Interchangeable anatomy posters are laminated with UV filters to protect colors from fading and prevent the surface from soiling. For a small examination room with limited wall space, having the ability to alter the contents of a frame within seconds to accommodate the specific needs of each patient is novel.

We have pre-packaged some of our most popular posters for various medical specialties. For November Diabetes Awareness Month, we are featuring a 3‑in‑1 diabetes set for endocrinologists and internists. Let's recap benefits:

  • Three essential interchangeable anatomy posters within one durable frame
  • Each anatomy poster is laminated to prevent soiling while handling
  • Premium anodized black extruded aluminum slot-loading frame does not skew
  • Perfect for shared offices or seasonal health awareness months
  • They often provide a tax-deductible write off for medical professionals

What if endocrinology is not your specialty? We also have a special breast health 3‑in‑1 set for obstetrics-gynecologists and another set for dermatologists.

Must the other posters remain concealed? While, keeping posters ready to present when as needed is a definite benefit, you may choose to feature them separately. The framed poster can be securely mounted where there is most traffic and the others can be pinned. Or you may purchase frames for each poster.

Want more than three posters? No problem, just shop the online store for the additional laminated poster you desire and add it to the cart. More than 6 posters may require removing the black padding once the frame is mounted securely to the wall.

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What about more sets? By adding a frame to your shopping cart and ordering three or more laminated posters, you can create your own sets. November is Alzheimer's, Brain Injury, Diabetes, Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Build a set with corresponding posters to rotate throughout the month. The ones we feature simply provide one‑click access at a convenient price to save a bit more time. So by all means, order what you want — order what you need to efficiently utilize valuable wall space.

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