Jaw-Dropping Rion Paige Sings

Despite arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, 13-year-old girl catapults to stardom on The X‑Factor?

By Kevin RR Williams

EQUALITY Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) is a rare disease of newborns resulting in decreased flexibility of the joints. Symptoms differ drastically from person to person, including stiff joints and muscle weakness. Amyoplasia is the most common form of AMC. Amyoplasia is a disorder characterized by multiple contractures of the joints. The shoulders may be internally rotated and drawn inward (adducted), the elbows are usually extended, and the wrists are usually flexed.

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It wasn't Rion's disability that garnered attention when she walked onto the X‑Factor USA stage for a singing competition audition. It was her infectious smile beneath beautiful curly locks and a positive personality, overshadowed only by her powerful voice. In less than 2 minutes, Rion captured the hearts of millions and garnered four yeses following a standing ovation by the judges. Since then, she has advanced to become one of the top female finalist, ousting much older competitors.

Rion expects no pity, but desires to be judged solely for her talent says, "There's a fire burning inside me." Kelly Rowland summed up the audition as surreal and often critical Simon Cowell admitted that he was "blown away."

Rion Paige: "I Won't Let Go"
The X‑Factor, 2013 Competition. Original song by Rascall Flatts.

Even her competitors have difficulty maintaining dry eyes. There simply aren't enough superlatives and accolades bestowed upon adorable Rion following each performance. Are you rooting for her?

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