Anatomy of an Amazon Shopper

Our framed anatomy posters are now on

By Kevin RR Williams

SHOPPING When she's on her "A" game, Amy is a brilliant shopping cart for anatomy posters and frames. But the plethora of operating systems and browsers always challenges compatibility. If she detects a conflict, she urges shoppers to try a different browser or to phone in their orders. Now It is possible to purchase over 60 different framed anatomy posters at Are you a buyer or a seller?

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Ways to Sell With Amazon

Amazon is a massive marketplace of sellers. Some pay Amazon to warehouse and fulfill orders while other merchants act as fulfillment partners. Why give up part of your profit to sell on Amazon if you have your own online store? Economics of scale. Multiple web presences can mean the difference between hobby income and earning a living. Amazon offers several ways to sell. Some share integrated inventory management.

A Seller Central merchant may also have Amazon host an eCommerce Webstore. Seller Central Professional membership requires a monthly subscription fee. Seller Central Individual vendors pay an additional per-unit consignment fee without subscription.

More Than Two Eyes

On your own site, you might eventually attain thousands of visits and dozens or hundreds of regular sales. By comparison, is viewed by millions of eyes each day. Of course all those pupils will not be fixed on your page just because you're there. Amazon is like an Internet within an Internet. Customers need to find you.

Amazon offers an integrated pay-per-click promotion service, enabling vendors to bid for optimum visibility. It's also possible to run various sales with product or shipping discounts.

When it comes to shopping, some people use Amazon like Google. The department-based internal search engine allows shoppers to discover products. Some departments require approval. Make certain you're in the correct department. Originally my store was set up in Home and Kitchen until being moved to Industry and Science before activation. It's possible to have products in multiple departments too.

Professionally written descriptions and optimal keywords are important. Strategic placement, marketing, advertising and good customer reviews gain more visibility. You can also direct traffic back to your Amazon presence through social media.

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ClinicalPosters kicked off the Amazon store with 6 concurrent Targeted Promoted Tweet campaigns. If you see us on Twitter, retweet to help spread the word.

I Must Hand it to You

The visibility gained on Amazon comes at a price — referral fees. As a result, some of your products might not be economically feasible to sell on Amazon. The payout to Amazon dictates which ones are listed. ClinicalPosters is able to offer a limited number of framed posters at this time. For a higher fee, Amazon fulfillment is available. This unlocks Prime Shipping and prime placement for a potentially larger volume of sales.

Comparison of Our Online Anatomy Poster Stores
Feature Amazon Here
Number of Products 60+ 250+
U.S.A. Shipping X X
International Shipping X
Framed Paper Posters X X
Framed Laminate Posters * X
Paper Posters * X
Laminated Posters * X
Laminated with Grommets X
Foam Mounted Posters X
Custom Imprinting X
Custom DeuPair Frames X

*Most anatomy posters are paper. A limited number of giclee prints designed by ClinicalPosters are available laminated with frames from

Faster Movements

By default, you have only two days to ship merchandise. This requires a greater amount of inventory in stock for listed products. It may be necessary to out deals with suppliers or streamline manufacturing and fulfillment processes. If your products require more time to assemble, the displayed shipping time can be increased for individual products. Recognize that if similar products are also available on Amazon with a faster turnaround, they will likely be selected by shoppers.

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So in addition to many other ways to promote your business and sell products online, you might now consider Amazon. If you are a shopper favoring Amazon one-click checkout or looking for additional ways to purchase our framed anatomy posters for burn care doctors, cardiologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, hematologists, neurologists, nutritionists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, otolaryngologist, rheumatologists, physicians, psychologists, psychologists and pulmonologists, ClinicalPosters is now on

The selection doesn't rival the finishing options available at but Amazon offers other payment options using alternate shopping technology. Our posters at Amazon are also shipped inside high-quality DeuPair Pocket Frames for customers that desire a premium presentation with minimal hassle.