May is Everything Awareness Month

Free screenings abound.

By Kevin RR Williams


HEALTH The month of May is distinguished by its association with no less than 17 national health awareness months in the United States and 24 worldwide — perhaps the most of any month throughout the year. So it might seem like everything awareness month.

Educational and fund-raising events encompass a broad swath of medical specialties, including dermatology, hematology, otolaryngology, oncology, pulmonology, psychology and rheumatology. So here's an alphabetical list of 10 popular awareness months for May:

Concurrent with these monthly observances are special health awareness weeks and days. [11] If you're a physician, you can spearhead patient education. A simple way is to hang human anatomy posters, linked above, that correspond with each event. Some organizations provide free printable handouts. There are also health walks and free patient screenings at various locations.

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If there are any specific diseases that run in your family, it's a good time to get screened and learn some tips to minimize your risk. Show support. Get informed. Get active and stay A Bit More Healthy for yourself and your loved ones.

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